Queer Tango beginners/mixed classes
most Wednesday evenings throughout the year
(note: absolute beginners welcome at all classes)

Evening classes  (Venue, Epworth Halls, see below)
7pm – 8pm and/or 8pm – 9pm

NOTE: The classes run for two hours. You can come to either or both hours; if you are able to come along to the first hour you can always decide whether or not to stay for the second hour.

VENUE/LOCATION: Epworth Halls, Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh. EH8 9BX
(this is very close to the UoE George Square campus)
NOTE: gender-neutral toilets

Five 7-week blocks; a short 4-week block in Jun/Jul 2020
Attend any or all classes; join or visit at any point in a block

  • 4 Sep – 16 Oct (no class: 23 Oct)
  • 30 Oct – 11 Dec (no classes: 18 Dec, 25 Dec, 1 Jan)
  • 8 Jan – 19 Feb (no class: 26 Feb)
  • 4 Mar – 15 Apr (no class: 22 Apr)
  • 29 Apr – 10 Jun (no class: 17 Jun)
  • 24 Jun – 15 Jul ( short, 4-week block)

FREE: your first 1 hour class is free!
then PWYC (pay what you can)

PWYC: pay what you can
(or pay the suggested class fee)

We want anyone who fancies learning tango to be able to come along to QTE classes. People in certain groups are far less likely to be able to afford classes, and this includes many queer-identified people, as well as many others. QTE is a break-even endeavor. Our new pricing structure is a choice of: PWYC (Pay What You Can) or, IF you can afford to, you can choose to pay the amounts we suggest below, or more.

PWYC: Pay what you can

  • Pay what you are able to afford.
  • This can be as little as nothing.
  • Whatever you decide is great.
  • If you can, and want to, you may also pay more than the amounts suggested.

Suggested class fees

  • Individual 1 hour class: £6/£4
  • An evening of 2×1 hr classes: £10/£6
  • block of 7x 1hr classes: £37/£24
  • block of 7x 2hr classes: £58/£35

Come by yourself or with a partner. In the class you will be asked to switch round so everyone gets the chance to dance with everyone else. The community is very welcoming and this process works well. We are looking forward to dancing with you!

What to wear: Comfortable clothing you can walk in. Flat shoes or socks are prefect. Socks can be very good because they allow you to feel the floor. Shoes with leather, suede or soft soles that are not too sticky are preferred; rubber soles can be difficult as they can stick to the floor. You may want to wear high heels at some point, but in the class you will be asked to dance different roles, so socks or flat shoes are better, at least to start with.

Please join the Queer Tango Edinburgh Facebook group, or email for more information, or if you would like to be kept informed about future classes and events.